200 years ago, the Great War of the Gods was decided.

The Interloper KHUMBAN was thrown from the heavens, flaming and screaming. As he crashed into the Western Ocean, the resulting magic storm filled the horizon in a dark fog, impenetrable and terrible. Ships daring to brave the fog were never seen again and flocks of birds flying in would fly out as mutated abominations, twisted with wild magics and primal fury.

However, the fog has cleared. And the dead god’s corpse now serves as a new land, rich with gold and adventure. All the kingdoms of the world are scrabbling to grab a piece of land for themselves before they are left behind in this new age of exploration.

You are sponsored by the Empress of Catal to go and claim land for the great Catallian Empire, as a settler, as an explorer, a guard or a administrator. Why you have chosen to leave your life behind is up to you, but as far as you know, this is a one-way trip. You will start your journey on a grand Gnomish airship with little more than what you carry in your rucksack. The rest of the supplies are below deck, where you will assist in protecting a new settlement grow into a large jewel in the Empress’ crown.

– Your character can be anything you want, as long as you provide me with the rules.
- We’re starting at level 3 so that we can get some of the more interesting class features up and running.
- If you are a summoner or something that has a lot of “pets”, I expect you to do your own accounting. If you don’t have the stats on hand, the spell fizzles.

- I am also extremely uncomfortable when people try to seduce NPCs. This is almost always cringey and makes me want to die. Please avoid doing that.

Other than that, the games I run are more “jazz music” than “chess”, so rule-of-cool almost always prevails. If this sounds irritating to you, please let me know before we start and I can work around that.

Also, you’re gonna be explorers in an untamed land. When you run into villages, they will be small and will not have a lot of fancy stuff. Should you want to play a gun-slinger or something that requires a lot of processed material, keep in mind that you may not have access to that stuff. Additionally, social encounters will be difficult. If you’re planning on being someone more talky-than-fighty, let me know beforehand so that I can work that into my current schemes.

The New Old World

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